Hi there, welcome to Enable the Label!


In 2019 we started with an online platform featuring and selling start-ups throughout Europe. Two years and 30 labels out of 10 countries later, Enable the Label developed it selves into a start- and scale-up fashion consulting agency.


Enable the Label started with the believe of growth as a result of collaborating. Talented creatives & business-minded people sharing knowledge and working together leads to magical results. We still believe collaborating with the right people at the right moment is key to grow as a label. As a start- or scale-up you don’t always have the time, money or knowledge to take your label to the next step. 

That is where ETL comes in. We consult and help labels in how to grow in the Netherlands when it comes to Press & Media, Content Creation, Events & Offline Shopping and Wholesale Opportunities. 


If you would love to hear more about our expertise and how we could grow together in The Netherlands? Just get in touch via the contact page or e-mail to contact@enablethelabel.com.



Besides, we love to get to know people, brainstorm and share ideas. Collaborating is what we believe in, so please feel free to reach out!