Pip Wijn x Le SLAP

Pip Wijn x Le SLAP

Pip Wijn x Le SLAP

Meet Pip Wijn; one of our content creators, social influencer and fulltime student. She likes to combine her skills of being a stylist, photographer and social influencer in her work. Pip describes her style as edgy with a feminine touch. The feminine tomboy prefers a comfy, colourful outfit and stays away from all-black outfits. In short, the perfect match with the Lithuanian brand Le SLAP! Let's zoom in on Pip's favourite Le SLAP items and get to know the edgy cool-girl a bit better.

Earth-friendly yet statement design

Le SLAP is a Lithuanian tech start-up with a niche production: designing for a tall audience with an earth-friendly approach yet quality statement designs. Yes, fashion can be all: sustainable, tech and fashionable. Their team consist of data and traditional idea generators who use tech for the wheel behind the brand, have principals towards the bright and sustainable future and create for the taller audience.

“The faux-leather suit is my absolute favourite. You can create a cool-girl look with the suit, but if you are feeling more feminine, just add some jewellery, high heels and you are settled as well!." - Pip Wijn


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