The Freddy Tee

The Freddy Tee

The Freddy Tee

We aim for mutual growth by initiating collaborations between Dutch creatives and foreign, upcoming fashion brands. Therefore, we dropped the first item of a collaboration between the London based brand SULDN and Dutch creative Amanda van Effrink aka #GLITZIEGAL. More exciting stuff will follow soon! Are you excited to see what we've worked on so far? Scroll down!



Print and fashion designer Sera Ulger captures the vibrancy of East London and the nostalgic memories of growing up in the 90s within her Fashion label SULDN. With quite a bright and loud style at the same time, a sense of girl power through her cuts and finishes SULDN enables a unique attitude for the sassy girl she designs for. 


#GLITZIEGAL is daring, playful and avant-garde. This Dutch queen of pink is known for her outstanding looks, styling skills and her quirky fashion illustrations. Storytelling is very important to her in creating content and establishing collaborations. Her overall goal: inspiring people to live and dress like the best possible versions of themselves.



#GLITZIEGAL and SULDN joined their forces to create a limited T-Shirt collection. The collection highlights the importance of self-love and acceptance. SULDN, #GLITZIEGAL and Enable the Label believe these topics need some more attention. Therefore, they dare you to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and show the world the real, amazing you.


The Freddy Tee

The collaboration consists of multiple drops. On the 1st of July the very first Tee, the Freddy Tee, drops exclusively via The unisex, white Tee features a pink French Bulldog named Freddy. The dog symbolises that you have to learn to be uniquely yourself. Dare to stand out. You are being judged regardless of what you do, so being yourself makes happiness easier to obtain. Be bold, be independent, be colourful.



Photography | Kaylee van Dam

Model | Amanda van Effrink - #GLITZIEGAL

Dogs | Dijo, Donut, James, Leentje, Lotje, Lilo, Luuk, Nova & Rocky


Concept | Amanda van Effrink, Sera Ulger & Michelle de Bruijn

Hair & Make-up | Mauro Lilipaly

Videography | Femke van Bruinessen

Assistant | Marinda van de Kamp