You are You

You are You

You are You

We are living in a world where people are afraid to fail, afraid to be judged, to be labelled and not to be loved. Mainstream became the standard, normal. Spanish fashion label AGUSTEMS explores and reflects on the human psychology and the behaviour inside a society that teaches us to fit in the standards.



In the editorial YOU ARE YOU, ‘normal’ is redefined. The freedom of the mind and creativity are getting rediscovered. Our creative team captured the beauty of literally standing still in the middle of the mainstream fast fashion hecticness while wearing the collection of slow fashion label AGUSTEMS. 


Be You

The images represent the choice you have to live your life in a way you like living it and to express yourself in a way you feel like is you. You don’t have to be what you supposed to be, walk how you suppose to walk and dress how you suppose to dress. You don’t have to go with the mainstream to be normal.



Photography | Kaylee van Dam

Model | Bibi Doesburg & Silke Otten

Hair & Make-up | Kayleigh Krabbenborg

Styling & video | Sylvana van Dam

Fashion | AGUSTEMS via Enable the Label


The collection of AGUSTEMS is a manifesto between fashion and art. They introduce a new concept of wearable art, uses hand-painted canvas to make unique garments and fashion accessories. All starting with a black pen and one of the notebooks of the illustrator and fashion designer Anna Gustems.