Another Unicorn

Another Unicorn

Another Unicorn is a lifestyle brand which celebrates individuality, constant self-improvement, respect for yourself, our planet and others. The name Another unicorn refers to someone who believes in power of creativity and inner voice. We all have it, yet just few believe in it.


Another Unicorn is a timeless, ageless and genderful collection of wearable mantras of t-shirts, jewellery and posters. It is all about growth mindset: every product has a meaning behind and encourages you to believe in and be gentle with yourself and others. 

All products are thoughtfully sourced and produced: they pay fair salaries, they work with family style businesses, they only used certified fabrics and have no seasons. Their cotton is safe to wrap a baby in while our bags are made from recycled raw linen. Literally no harm. 



Be a unicorn.