Found in Paris in 2019 by a group of young and passionate people, their concept is simple: merging art into fashion. Aulala loves how art, as a common language, connects people of different backgrounds. At the same time, as a strong expressive tool, art helps deliver messages and evoke emotions.

Each year, Aulala collaborates with artists worldwide to design artistic beachwear. The bold colors or the minimalist designs are the visual story-telling of the artists’ personality, passion, and philosophy. They find these creative storytellers inspiring —that is why they want to share their stories with a broader community through their collaborations.

In 2020, Aulala released their first eco-responsible collection and they are striving to be more sustainable in the future. Developing their own fashion sense and creating unique swimsuit is also our primary approach to reject fast-moving trends.


Positive vibes

Swimwear to Aulala has a connotation of positivity. Thinking about swimsuits, they sense the vitality of summer, the calling of vacation, and the warmth of sunshine. It is a fashion accessory that quickly brings good vibes.

At the same time, Aulala believes swimwear conveying positive attitudes. In contrast to wearing business suits to boost confidence by covering bodies, they believe that covering less of your bodies shows the true self. Aulala swimsuits generate empowerment by proudly showing the body rather than hiding it. Through the aesthetic and powerful garment, they spread positivity in today’s uncertain world.


Artistic collaboration

The concept is to melt art into fashion. They love how art, as a common language, connects people of different backgrounds. At the same time, as a strong expressive tool, art helps deliver messages and evoke emotions. Aulala hopes these artistic swimsuits evoke people’s recognition of their pure beauty, every body is a piece of art that should be appreciated. Just like art does not have standards, the beauty of a human being is not determined by one size or shade of skin color, either.

Each year, Aulala collaborates with artists from all over the world to design artistic beachwear. Aulala provides a playground for the artists to create on the fashion canvas. A part of their sales revenue will be given to the corresponding artists to support them in their projects.


Story of Passion

While art is generally associated with extravagant consumption, their approach to art emphasizes its accessibility to the public. No longer a distant work of art in the museum, they are able to wear a piece of artwork that resonates with them.

Aulala reaches out to artists who are passionate about creating and expressing. Behind the bold colors or minimalist designs are the artists’ experiences, personality, and philosophy. More than just a visual presentation, art is a reflection of their inner world.

They find these visual storytellers inspiring and motivating, that is why Aulala wants to share their stories with a broader community through the collaborations.



Being a diverse team, they highly value diversity in their perspectives, designs, and message delivery. Their different personal experiences and cultural backgrounds contribute to building a more inclusive workplace. The artists that they collaborate with also come from different worlds of art. Through various artistic expressions (photography, street art…) and inspirational sources, their pursuit of beauty and authenticity is the same.

Their swimwear styles are also diverse. They believe it is the garment to adjust different body shapes instead of the other way around. Aulala ensures the outmost comfort and practicality in different styles.



All of their swimwear models in the new collection are produced with recycled fabrics generated from ocean waste (Vita Power by Carvico). They carefully chose their suppliers from Spain, in which its proximity to France allows the logistics more eco-responsible. Besides, they provide their customers with a durable pouch bag along with their purchase.

Most importantly, developing their own fashion sense and designing distinctive swimsuits is their primary approach to reject fast-moving trends. They aim to raise awareness and generate change, as they believe being sustainable is a state of mind rather than simply about material consumption.